Pitch Perfect Strategy

Pitch Perfect was a strategy project to communicate their concept of a digital jukebox. Customers in bars and restaurants download the app to control the music playing on the speakers. Business owners can offer deals through the app, connect with their customers and set intelligent limits.

UX and UI Designer
Mobile App, TV, Desktop


  1. Design a system that illustrates how an app based jukebox system would work.
  2. Explore the possible functionality for customers, venders and artists.


This strategy project was a unique challenge. The structure and design of the screens are informed by the need to present this concept to investors.

This was a fast moving project with a focus on how the screens would be presented. I created polished sketches to act as wireframes so we could quickly move into visual design.

Visual Design

The visual design stretches across phone, desktop and TVs installed in the venues. The brand visual branding I created ties these different experiences into a cohesive whole.

Mobile App

The app is all about the customer. It uses subtle prompts to get users to add songs, and even bump them up in order without having to leave the home screen.

Venue TV

The TV experience can be used as a virtual concert, or to display the current playlist. It taps into the karaoke experience as you see the song you added get closer to being played.


The desktop experience is focused on the venue owners and artists. Venues can utilize Pitch Perfect's service to send offers to customers, initiate "take overs" where one customer gets to pick whole the playlist and set the allowable genres of music.