Volt Athletics Training Website

Volt Athletics is a technology startup that brings strength training expertise to high school and college sports teams. Their backend generates a huge variety of workouts based on a coach and team model. I was tasked with upgrading their website to be more modern and expand the functionality available to users.

UX and UI Designer
Volt Athletics
Website Application


  1. Add value for the coach through increased functionality.
  2. Allow teams to self signup.
  3. Modernize the design and improve usability.


I'm a visual thinker, so working out user flows and wireframes with pencil and paper is integral to my UX process.

Track page sketches

Team setup sketches

The next two wireframes are two of the most feature-rich of the system. The train page allows coaches to view how their team is doing. Coaches are at home with spreadsheets, so I embraced the table. They can quickly see over the span of a week who is completing their workouts, leave a coach note and view specific workouts for every athlete.

Train page wireframe

The track page visualizes the team’s data. Volt’s sales team had great insights into the Coach’s behavior. Each coach has their own signature workout. I allowed coaches to add custom metrics along with the more standard workouts. They can also easily compare overall team performance with other Volt teams.

Track page wireframes

Workout page wireframes

Visual Design

As I move into design, it’s back to the sketchbook to explore and produce the best solutions possible. In this process the client had a hard time choosing between the designs. I stealthily jotted down the adjectives they used while they talked about each design. We were able to narrow it down as by bringing the conversation back to the brand and system goals to select the right design.

Variation sketching on the visual design of the sidebar