Fox Internal Asset Management

System X is an internal asset management tool used by 21st Century Fox. I was tasked with re-imagining and re-designing the website. The website revolves around search. System X has both explicit and visible UI as well as discoverable features to nurture new and power users alike.

UX and UI Designer
21st Century Fox
Website Application
Goals 1) Increase search functionality.
2) Improve website usability with a focus on metadata.
Wireframes This project was all about the search. Products created for businesses tend to lean on training to rather than discoverability. I aimed to create something user friendly with deep functionality and discoverability. I created an autosuggest tag search system paired with a sophisticated filtering system.

Autosuggest search organized by category

For the results screen, I worked with Fox employees to determine and validate the information displayed on the asset tile, and in the preview pane.

Results page with asset detail pane

Asset detail page

Visual Design

Variation sketching on the asset tiles