Sound United eCommerce Websites

Sound United was in need of a major website update for both their brands, Definitive Technology and Polk Audio. As part of a team, I helped redesign their websites to be responsive and follow ecommerce best practices. The CMS backend allows for ultimate flexibility and we designed a beautiful block based system to build each page that can be combined and shuffled infinitely.

UX and UI Designer
Sound United, Polk Audio & Definitive Technology Brands
Responsive Ecommerce Website


  1. Create top of the line ecommerce functionality for the online shopping and checkout experience.
  2. Design the whole site to be responsive.
  3. Update the look and feel of the websites to match the quality of the brand’s products.
  4. Empower Sound United’s design team to maintain and redesign the website from the CMS.

My Role

I was the sole designer during the IA phase. Later, I worked on a team of designers for this project. We divided up the pages to work on and did the UX and UI for those page. All the pages you see here were designed by me.

• Information architecture

• User research

• Sketching

• Client Presentation

• Wireframing

• UX design

• UI design

• Responsive design

• Icon design

• Design QA


Sketch: UI and UX design

Invision: prototyping

Adobe Photoshop: photo editing

Adobe Illustrator: icon design


Each page of the site was wireframed with the desktop and mobile views side by side. Unique screens like the ones below were specifically laid out by our team, while the content pages were left up to the CMS authors. Instead of wireframing every page, we designed each block as part of a system that could be arranged and rearranged.

Search results page

Visual Design

Just like the wireframes, each page was designed in desktop and mobile views. Our focus in design was the execute the brand and functionality equally across all devices so no customer was relegated to a second-class experience.

Variation sketching on Definitive Technology featured products

Post Mortem

This was a monster of a project. I think the design and functionality was very impressive and my team really knocked it out of the park. During the last month of design on this project I stayed an hour late every day because I knew the other options was to work until midnight for a week. I would have preferred to approach this more iteratively and collect user feedback with each release.

We used Craft CMS for this project. After the project was done, I realized that we should have spent more time on the CMS to make sure it was easy to use. We gave Sound United a lot of customization opportunities. However, more features equals more complexity and more complexity equals a more extreme learning curve.


This project took place over six months and involved almost everyone at Moby, designers, developers and project managers alike. I'm proud of the sites we created as a team and the effort everyone put in to create two beautiful ecommerce sites.