Sound United System Builder

Sound United wanted to simplify the speaker buying process. Even for seasoned professionals, buying a speaker system can involve a lot of headaches. I took the lead on this project. I developed multiple responsive concepts and refined them into the System Builder, a personal assistant that helps you find your perfect audio setup. Both Definitive Technology and Polk Audio versions are skinned to match their brand.

Concepting, UX and UI Designer
Sound United, Polk Audio & Definitive Technology Brands
Responsive Ecommerce Application


  1. Simplify the customer’s research and buying experience when shopping for a speaker system.
  2. Provide an eye-catching interactive piece for the in-store experience.


This project took up half a sketchbook by itself. The System Builder was a high profile project that deserved the utmost attention. I started out sketching every possible incarnation of the system.


I presented three concepts to Sound United, the room builder, the personal assistant and the visual filter. Room builder lets the customer see the products in context. Personal assistant relies on conversational UI to create a personalized feel to the recommendations. Visual filter allows the customer to explore their options by navigating a physical space by answering questions.

Room builder concept

Personal assistant concept

Visual filter concept


Once the room builder concept was selected, we were told that the Sound United team was at capacity. I was challenged to make a concept based on seeing products placed into a room work with zero new assets. Brainstorm time.

Visual Designs

The final product was a combination of the Room Builder and Personal Assistant concepts. It starts out with a fun and interactive question and answer section. The animations for the room sizes and quality vs price screens were made by me in After Effects.

Loading animation after finishing the survey.

The no new assets problem was circumvented by replacing the products with animated category icons. Each icon was placed in its room to match the perspective and had a resting and interaction animation to help draw the eye.

Resting animation for icons.

Interaction animation on click

The room builder sidebar was built to do a lot of the heavy lifting when it came to displaying the product information. Everything that could be done through the icons could also be done through the sidebar. This allows for graceful degradation to small mobile devices.